5 Frequently Asked Questions about CBD and CBD Oil

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Cannabis has been around for a long time but only recently, it has started gaining legal acceptance in a few countries around the world. Although CBD oil or cannabidiol is known to be effective in treating a wide range of health condition, more studies are needed to prove the claims. As CBD (often referred to as CBD Oil) slowly gains acceptance across the globe, more products at the supermarkets and store claim to have it in their ingredients list. Here are the five frequently asked questions about CBD.

  1. What is CBD?

It is one of the 120 compounds that are found in marijuana and it is extracted using carbon dioxide or alcohol in the factories. It may be added to oils, candles, soaps, skin care lotions, and creams. You can also find high-end retailers selling balms and salves containing CBD oil.

The cannabidiol compound is often derived from a cannabis plant called hemp and the government has defined it as no more than 0.3% of THC. It is kept low because the high doses of THC are believed to have psychoactive effects on individuals.

  1. Is This Is A Miraculous Cure?

CBD oil certainly has numerous health benefits and several studies have shown that it can treat chronic pain, reduce stress, and control anxiety. However, most of these claims are based on mice and rats. There are some human researches too, but they have been tested on small groups of people. The biggest evidence is regarding the two rare seizure disorders where CBD proved to be a miracle cure.

Besides the various health benefits, it is against the law to promote CBD oil and other products as a miracle cure for any ailment.  According to sources, the FDA had sent warning letters to companies to abstain from making false claims about marijuana products. Only certain drugs that the FDA has seen and approved to have permission to make claims that they can treat a disease.

  1. Are There Any Side Effects?

Less research on health benefits of CBD means there are fewer studies to prove if there are any side effects of these products. In epilepsy research, it was proved that CBD helped the patient’s condition, but it also changed the way the body reacted to other medicines. While there are no fatal health concerns, some of the side effects associated with CBD products are liver decreased appetite, increase in enzymes production, exhaustion, infections, and rashes.

  1. Is It Legal to Use CBD?

Marijuana has stayed illegal for a long time and as more people realize their numerous health benefits, there is a huge pressure on the government to legalize CBD. Thankfully, the government in several countries around the world have woken up from the slumber and realized the importance of CBD. In Canada, both the medical and recreational use of marijuana is legal, while in the US, it is legal to use only in a few states. There’s a huge black market for cannabis but we would suggest that you stay away from them. If CBD is legal in your country, initiate or join a protest to make your voices heard.

  1. What’s The Future Of CBD?

Numerous researches are in the pipeline to understand the effects of CBD Oil or other CBD products on health conditions like fibromyalgia, psychiatric conditions, diabetic neuropathy, autism, cancer, alcoholism, and chronic pain management.

Buying From A Mail Order Marijuana Business Can Improve Your Brain Power

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Do you find it difficult to concentrate on one thing? You could be suffering from a condition related to attention deficit known as ADD or ADHD. Regardless of whether or not you have been diagnosed with the condition, we all find it difficult to concentrate at times, don’t we? You will be glad to know that cannabis has a solution for that problem. This might surprise many readers because we usually relate cannabis to getting high or relaxing. Surprisingly, there are cannabis strains that can help you improve your brain power and concentrate better. And these days with online mail order marijuana businesses becoming popular, it is easier to browse through the different types of cannabis strains, read about their health benefits, and order online to help with your ADD and ADHD.

Before you start looking for a cannabis strain, it is important to do a quick self-analysis and find out what do you want to improve by using the strain.  Are you looking to improve your concentration power? Do you want to increase your memory? Do you find yourself severed or your thoughts are constantly racing? Although we may still need some research to support that cannabis is good at improving brain power, there’s many people who claim it is a wonderful source for relief.

Below we have listed some of the best cannabis strains that are effective in improving brain function and increasing concentration.

  1. Cinex To Boost A Creative Mind

If you have a creative job, this cannabis strain can do wonders. It can perk up your spirits and give your mind a kind of euphoria that you can’t expect from a humble cup of coffee. This Sativa hybrid can help in rekindling in you the interest for tasks that may appear a drag. Some individuals may experience anxiety and racing thoughts after taking Cinex so if you are probe to those state of mind, take the strain with caution.

  1. Sour Diesel For A Quick Euphoria

If you are familiar with the cannabis market then you probably know Sour Diesel. There’s a reason why it is one of the highest rated strain on Leafly. It is also regarded as a highly effective treatment for ADD/ADHD. When the consumer takes the strain, he can experience a quick euphoria that helps the mind stay active. However, you must be careful about dosages because taking overdoses can have a detrimental impact on your health.

  1. Green Crack Gives You Intense Stimulation

This popular sativa hybrid has an amazing citrus flavour and is highly stimulating for the mind. There are only a few other strains that can actually match the focus and energy level of Green Crack. When the consumer takes the strain, it helps in sharpening the senses and bringing about a sense of vibrancy.

  1. True OG Slows Down The Brain

At times, you need a strain that may help your speeding brain slow down a bit and this is when True OG can work wonders. This indica-dominant cannabis strain is considered as a highly effective strain for reducing stress and helping your distracted brain concentrate easily.

  1. Blueberry Headband For A Perfect Balance

This strain brings together the best characteristics of its parents – Blueberry and Headband. The Headband parent gives user an amazing cerebral effect that stimulates creativity; and the Blueberry parent mellows down or balances the intensity of Headband. It gives you a full body experience, enabling your thoughts to run at a controlled pace.

To buy any of the above cannabis strains, you can visit one of the trusted mail order marijuana sites that provide shipping in your area. Read the complete product description of the various strains and their effects before ordering online. You can also read the customer reviews online to ensure that you only buy from a reputable and professional mail order marijuana business.